7350 E Speedway Blvd.
Suite 210
Tucson, Arizona 85710

(520) 326-3700


Phil Swaim
Project Principal

Kevin Barber
Project Manager
Project Architect

The Museum of Miniatures is a 15,000 SF facility dedicated to a private collection of “miniatures” including buildings, room boxes, and other related items.  9,000 SF of the building is dedicated to the exhibits, themed environments, and educational components about the miniatures and the artisans who create them. The building itself is a play on scale using varying wall heights and stucco joints to create an illusion of depth and perspective as one approaches the building.  A massive oversized door is the final part of the visitor’s transition from human scale to miniature scale as they enter the museum.  Inside the museum, the collection is divided into three main sections:  antique pieces, contemporary pieces, and fantasy pieces.  Each section is themed to reflect the pieces within including a fairy tale tree, oversized murals, and historical residential woodwork.  This project was performed in collaboration with the exhibit design firm of Claro Creative Studios.

  • 15,000 SF
  • $6 Million
  • Completed 2009
  • Building itself plays on scale
  • Themed sections

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