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Our Firm


Swaim Associates, Ltd. has been providing planning and design services for public, commercial, and residential projects since 1969.  Prior to starting his own firm, Robert Swaim was a principal in Cook & Swaim and CNWCS Architects from 1961 to 1969.  Phil Swaim, Ed Marley, and Mark Bollard became Principals in 1992.  Kevin Barber became a Principal in 2007.  Mike Culbert became a Principal in 2016.  Tim Smith, Laura Vertes and Michael Becherer became Principals in 2019. Swaim currently has a staff of 21, with ten registered architects.

Quality Design

Swaim Associates, Ltd. has a long history of innovative approaches to fostering community and well-being in neighborhood and community centers, campuses, public facilities, and educational settings.

We act as a problem solver, addressing the client’s functional requirements and objectives within the constraints of cost, schedule, site, and climate.  The firm strives to create innovative, contemporary architecture appropriate to the traditions, culture, and ecology of the southwest.

Personal Service

Swaim Associates, Ltd. is committed to providing complete professional service with an emphasis on personal attention to each project.  There is always direct, continuous involvement of firm principals and dedicated, prompt service to meet your schedule.

Drawing upon the diverse design skills and experience of our architects and consulting engineers, we assemble teams tailored to the particular requirements of each project.  The client plays a major role in the team, communicating needs and priorities while participating in the decision making process. The community, as well as the client, is kept in mind throughout planning and design.  The building industry is also part of the team, from design through construction.

Although small enough to allow a close architect-client relationship, we are capable of handling projects of major scope in conjunction with our engineering and design consultants.

Technical Expertise

The staff of Swaim Associates, Ltd., including 5 LEED accredited professionals, continually strives to advance their knowledge of systems and materials for sustainable design in order to provide innovative ideas for projects.  Producing quality construction documents is a priority, as well as using technology to the client’s advantage.


Swaim Associates, Ltd. offers a broad and versatile spectrum of design services.  In addition to basic architectural services, we offer programming, master planning, feasibility studies, site analysis, graphic design, landscape design, and interior design.

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