Vail Innovation Center


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Vail Innovation Center

Kevin Barner

Project Principal, Project Manager

The Vail Innovation Center houses two of the Vail School District’s non-traditional education programs, Blended Learning and Digital Learning, enabling them to share resources and be more accessible to the community. As a showcase of our nimble design capabilities, the school is a combination of modular buildings and new construction, allowing the project to be constructed on a limited budget and short schedule. A central Atrium space is the hub of the school and provides an open daylit space for independent study, school assemblies, and social activities before and after school. Administrative functions and a testing room align the south side of the Atrium, with classrooms and breakout spaces off the west and north sides. The east end of the Atrium provides dramatic views of the Rincon Mountains and access to an outdoor patio. The modular structures are fully incorporated into the design and are identified with accent colors at the entrances off the Atrium.

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